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Disappear Here

by Hannah McPhillimy

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Sinking 04:45
Verse 1 : Hey kid, I knew before most did, how the Lord giveth prefers taking outright. So don't dress it up nice, no don't waste your good time, Making things pretty, for a man without sight. I've done alright. Just hold me when the sinking comes. Verse 2: I wasn't born like this; gargantuan, repulsive, I had my waist pinched, by many fingers and thumbs. Just put on the weight of, someone not made for love, And other than the absence of all human touch, Don't think I missed out on much... And maybe they'll hold me when the sinking comes. Verse 3: Don't let your precious child, out in those blue skies wild, They'll only take off, fly to never return. So strip of those fledgling, strange and beautiful wings, it's for their own safety and soon they have to learn, They're not right for this world... But we'll hold them when the sinking comes. Bridge: In times gone by we used to fly, but it's such a heavy world. In times gone by, we used to fly, I'm just far too tired.
Hold Still 03:47
There's a sign, avert your eyes, pay it no mind, It's only pointing to somewhere, we don't want to find, Now we've arrived. Just drive to where open road meets vacant sky, We never feel more alive than when passing something by, Or letting something slide.... Prechorus I was all you had left, I was all you had left, I should have guessed cause Chorus Who could have the will? To stay with a creature, who cannot hold still. A meeting of souls I pledged true, you're not the only one, who can't stick those who disappear from view. And recline, a few more winds counter-clockwise then I'll find, my favourite way to realise the world, my favourite state of mind. Sleep but do not dream of flying children quickly vanishing, you'll only wake with a start and your heart in your mouth and your mind screaming.... When did we stop moving? Prechorus Chorus Bridge I was all you had left, all you had left to leave behind, I should have guessed, great minds you and I.
Intro There was a time when Martha was, the biggest apple of my eye. Purdy as the statue of Liberty, with legs skyscraper high. It felt so nice, it seemed so right to take our marriage vows, But by the time I got started on that death do us part bit, knew it was time I said good bye. Verse 1 I could have left her at the border of Idaho, But nothing good's come out of there since the potato. And at Martha's age and stage she don't need more carbohydrates, There's worse places to leave your wife than in Portland. Verse 2 I could have left her with a burly old Alaskan, But for half the year there's not much sun to bask in. And without UVs, Martha can be hard to see, There's worse places to leave your wife than in Portland. MIddle 8 I thought I might go, when we got to Toronto. A land flowing with maple syrup - who would't want to be left all alone?? But then they opened up their mouths, I knew I'd have to turn around. They say 'aboot', what's that about? She'll have enough to figure out. So I planned a different route and went to Portland. Verse 3 I could have left her in the sorry state I found her in, Oklahoma serving pie to charming businessmen, But I couldn't risk her being blown into my lap by a cyclone... There's worse places to leave your wife - Detroit's not safe to walk at night. There's worse places to leave your wife - in Salt Lake City she could soon be one of 5. There's worse places to leave your wife - like (insert place of your choice), but I'm not a sadist guys!! There's worse places to leave your wife, than in Portland! There's worse - I've researched - places to leave your wife! I could have left her in the sorry state


In June 2014 Jan Carson published her debut novel, Malcolm Orange Disappears with Liberties Press Dublin. The novel is set in a retirement village in Portland, Oregon and focuses on the lives of the residents who make up the Peoples' Committee for Remembering Songs; a fictional club of senior citizens who meet every week to remember and sing all their favourite songs.

Inspired by the members of the Peoples' Committee local singer songwriter, Hannah McPhillimy composed a set of beautiful songs which attempt to explore the highs and lows of the ageing process. They called this project Disappear Here.

All proceeds from this album will go the the wonderful Alzheimer's Society who help people with the illness and their carers to manage the disease with dignity and compassion.


released July 22, 2015

Hannah McPhillimy - vocals, piano
Lizzy Donaghy - cello


all rights reserved



Hannah McPhillimy Belfast, UK

Tickets for Stranded and Origin gigs, respectively, are in the bit.ly links below!

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